Traveling can be expensive, but with The Manini Experience you can save money and get the most bang for your buck! We work tirelessly to ensure that our trips include comfortable accommodations, quality food and excursions, responsible volunteer opportunities, gorgeous photographs for you to share with friends and to social media, and plenty of time to enjoy yourself!

 We Will Get You The Best Deals

This is by far the number one way that any planning service saves you money. Whether it is a wedding planner, travel agent, or financial planner, they are going to save you money by simply having the ‘in’ with people in the industry. According to, a travel agent saves the consumer an average of $452 per trip! While that in itself is great, The Manini Experience adds even more value.

What to do in Iceland - Seljavallalaug Pool

Save Money On Unique Lodging

This is the same concept as ‘hotel blocks’ for wedding parties. The more rooms you plan to book, the more savings you can get. You can still share a room with a friend or significant other and reap the benefits of having larger numbers to bring down the cost.  And, bonus, we aren’t making you stay at the Ho Jo.  Instead, we’re staying at unique, sometimes private, sometimes eco-friendly places, giving you a lesser traveled experience at an amazing price.

Many Meals Are Included

You won’t have to worry about finding breakfast, lunch and a few dinners because we have got you covered! That is included in the cost of the trip and will definitely save you money. I cannot tell you how many times we have ended up in a restaurant while traveling only to realize we have stumbled into a five-star establishment and its to too late because we are three adult beverages deep! We have already done the ground work to find delicious meals for our travelers. (As they say in Hawaii, “SO ONO!”)

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

Skip The Pricey Tourist Traps

Because we have made great connections with the local community, we are able to provide off-the-beaten-path, locally supported adventures that often have a lower cost than those overly visited, run-of-the-mill, vacation spots. And can you even put a price tag on getting to experience a destination like a local?

How Valuable Is YOUR Time?

The time-management experts of the world always say to assign a monetary value to your time. How much is one hour of your life worth? This helps determine if something you are doing is worth your time or if you can pay someone to do it for less. For example, let’s say your time is worth $20/hour. If you spend 40 hours planning a trip at $20/hour, you have essentially “spent” $800 on the trip already without actually purchasing anything. Not to mention, this is time that you could have spent making actual money!

The Manini Experience - how to save money

Hiring A Personal Photographer Can Be Pricey – This Is The BIG One!

Hiring a vacation photographer costs between $250 and $800 PER HOUR! That means if you were to hire our brilliant and talented photographer on your own for the whole trip, you would be looking to spend between $12,000 and $38,400. [Calculated for a 6 day trip at 8 hours a day]

 Saving The Earth = PRICELESS!

While traveling in itself can be damaging to the planet and the communities we visit, we tirelessly research and plan to be as responsible and eco-conscious as we can. This includes staying at ecologically responsible accommodations when possible, using reusable bags, water bottles, straws etc. to limit the use of plastic, cleaning up litter whenever we can, using biodegradable hygiene products, and supporting/buying local. Our philanthropic efforts are discussed with locals in the community to be sure that we aren’t doing more harm than good with our efforts. We try to incorporate this mentality in our travel lives and in our everyday lives! You just can’t put a price on that.

best photos of 2016 - China

You can check out our trips here!

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Manini girl Sam is our travel curator and sustainable travel expert. When she isn't busy with Manini stuff, she's enjoying the mermaid life in Hawaii, taking long walks on the beach with her pup and boyfriend, scrubbing teeth, or improving her skills in graphic design.

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  • Tatiana says:

    Sounds like a cool way to save some bucks, indeed ! It’s true that planing a trip can take so much time ! Definitely will keep that in mind for my next trip 🙂

  • Archana says:

    Looks a good deal to travel with your company. Seems legit and the money saving ideas could help me save more for my next trip. All the best for your future endevours.

  • arv says:

    There is no doubt that people from industry knows the best. Also, if the food is taken care of you save considerable time. Think about spotting & finding a good restaurant, traveling to this location and who knows whether food and prices are up to the mark? It’s best to leave the decision to the professional as you said. they will save you lots of money!

    • maniniexp says:

      We totally agree! Our locations are always somewhere that we have been and explored before, and with inclusions like that there won’t be those surprise expenses!

  • Riely says:

    Interesting company. I would love to have a personal photographer capture my travels while remaining on a budget. What a great idea to offer for travellers.

    • maniniexp says:

      Thanks! I look back on some family photos from when I was younger and cringe at the poor quality due to asking random strangers to take our pictures!

  • Jacklyn says:

    I love that you’re helping to spread the word of travel agents! There are sooooo many benefits to a travel agent and unfortunately travel agents come with a negative stereotype of being “more expensive” and it couldn’t be any further from the truth! Besides that – having someone to turn to *in case* something goes wrong is reason enough for me to stick with a travel agent.

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