On Day 3 we got a little too much sun but Day 4 started out looking like it would be completely opposite. The skies were cloudy as far as the eye could see and the rain was relentless. However, we ended up having a perfect day where the weather held off in the right places at just the right time!


Waterfall Swimming | El Yunque Rainforest

Puerto Rico Rainforest

We started off unsure if we were going to get to experience El Yunque’s beautiful waterfall and swimming hole in the Puerto Rico rainforest, but the water was clear and not too high to enjoy. In order to get to the dreamy, secluded spot we had to traverse some large slippery boulders which had me questioning my abilities but everyone made it over them like the superwomen (and man) they are and it was well worth it.

Puerto Rico Rainforest

The water in the natural pool from the huge gorgeous waterfall took your breath away but after a few minutes it was so refreshing. We swam, splashed, hair flipped, little mermaided and laughed the morning away. We climbed down on the other side of the bridge to get to a swing that sits above the valley looking out all the way to the coast and beyond. It is definitely the best seat in the house!

Puerto Rico Rainforest

Lunch consisted of the childhood classic, PB&J and was quite satisfying to refuel ourselves. We got changed into dry clothes to prepare ourselves for the 2.5 hour drive to La Parguera.

Puerto Rico RainforestPuerto Rico RainforestPuerto Rico Rainforest

Mangroves | Caracoles

We as a group decided that since we would have some free time in La Parguera that we would take a guided water taxi out to the mangroves to float around in them. This was definitely a crowd pleaser. The guide took us around the mangroves and gave us a little tour allowing us to stop and see the iguanas that hurried over when they saw our boat, expecting to be fed.

Puerto Rico RainforestPuerto Rico Rainforest

When you pull up to the swimming spot, people are out on their boats with music bumping and drinks flowing. The sand is white and the water is shallow so it’s an ice blue color, about 3+ feet deep and you can see right to the bottom. After a difficult swim against the current through the mangroves we were rewarded with a secluded sandbar and stunning view of the ocean.

Floating in that warm, shallow water was a welcome reward after exploring so much in the last few days. We relaxed, chatted and just enjoyed the company and view. When it was time to head back we let the current float us back to the other side and we hopped “gracefully” back into our boat. So gracefully that we got a standing ovation 😂

Puerto Rico Rainforest

Dinner & Relaxing | La Jamaca

The hotel for the night is an eclectic oasis of good vibes, hammocks strung from every beam and a waterfall-fed pool. The staff is very friendly and makes a mean piña colada inside of a pineapple.

Puerto Rico Rainforest

While a few of the travelers showered, the rest of us soaked in the pool and enjoyed our fruity cocktails. Dinner in the hotel restaurant was delicious and the evening was relaxing and so enjoyable!

What a day! We have seen some amazing things and pushed ourselves to do things outside of the box. Tomorrow, we slow it down a bit so we can just enjoy the ride and take in the epic views of the west side of the island.

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