Sometimes it is a challenge to slow yourself down while traveling and relax a little so you don’t get burnt out. So today we explored at a much slower pace than the last four days and enjoyed a more relaxed schedule centered around a Puerto Rico beach!


Rosey Waters | Las Salinas, Cabo Rojo

Puerto Rico beach

I personally would like to see all of the colors of the rainbow represented in the sand and water I see in my lifetime. Collectively we have seen green, black, red and white sands and today we added pink water!

The salt flats are large enclosed lagoons that have been optimized for the production in salt. The salt contents are what give the water it’s pink hue.

This was a short stop as there isn’t much to do there except take in the sights, breathe in the salty air and monitor your blood pressure. We did snap some cayuuuuute photos of our clumsy-asses attempting a jumping picture!

Puerto Rico beach

Not-so-dirty Beach | Playa Sucia

Puerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beach
Our first Puerto Rico beach of the day was Playa Sucia. The name is not so descriptive as it is gorgeous and clean but it IS a beach so it’s 1 for 2. The half-moon bay provides mild temperate waters perfect for floating, sun bathing and meditating to the sounds of Latino music, waves crashing and helado carts rolling by. (Helado is a water based ice cream and there is almost ALWAYS someone selling it wherever you go! I’m certainly not mad… ice cream is life.)

Travel either direction to the end of the beach and you will find a short hike that leads you to incredible, yet vastly different views of the ocean stretching before you. On the hike to the left you can slip through the rocks below onto a coral-filled beach that is housed in the cone shape of the cliff where it had eroded. It was very cool 👌🏼

Puerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beach

The other side was home to the lighthouse and steep cliffs that provided the ultimate viewpoint for the rock bridge formation. You can walk across it, but today was not my day to die so I stayed put.

Puerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beach

After a few hours of exploring and basking, we packed it in because our metephorical fuel tanks were on “E” and lunch was way past due.


Lunch with a View | Annie’s Place

Food = nom

View = ahhh 😎


Jumps & Sunsets | Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla

Named for the old military docks, NOT a crashed boat which proved disappointing for the morbid person that I am.

You can walk out to the end of the pier and find several locals jumping. Of course Sammi was the first AND second person to jump (only after she made the locals stay in the water to reduce the chance of her getting bit by a shark), but we all committed jumping together in the end and it was worth it!

Puerto Rico beach

After our jump, we relaxed on the pier and watched the sun set among the clouds, creating a colorful show in the sky!

Puerto Rico beachPuerto Rico beach

It was a day worth remembering and thanks to our super-talented Manini girl Erica, we have great photos to preserve these memories forever!

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