Getting up for day was a little rough for our travelers because half of us were kept up by the resident german shepherds of our hotelito that deemed in necessary to “protect” us ALL NIGHT LONG from the bumps in the night.

Catamaran | Icacos Island & Snorkeling

After we dragged ourselves out of bed and scarfed down our breakfast, we loaded ourselves into the van and made our way down the treacherous unpaved road away from our hotelito and over to the docks at Villa Marina. We spent about 40 minutes getting our snorkel equipment, listening to the briefing and sweating our asses off before getting onto the catamaran and setting off for the day! The sun was high so the water was crystal blue and clear and the sights of the coast were quite pleasing!

A 45 minutes sail got us out to Cayo Icacos where we enjoyed the translucent and refreshing ocean water while we swam, snorkeled, ate lunch and had cocktails. It was a scene straight out of a Corona ad. After a couple of hours, we got back on the catamaran where they took us to a deeper spot with a more mature reef that had a lot more marine life. The fish were plentiful and we even saw a shark (or so we thought!). Someone then informed us that we actually saw a shark sucker (or Remora) which you can often find latched to the side of whales, sharks, turtles, manta rays and even boats. Even though it wasn’t a shark (which I have been waiting to see for 2.5 years) it was still a very cool experience to see that type of fish.

We soon packed up and sailed back to the marina where we ended our day of fun!

The remainder of our evening was spent eating, drinking and chatting about various topics such as ghosts, aliens, the end of the world, and “why am I here?” We try to keep it light 😉

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