Meet Sam + Erica

We’re just two girls who love Ohio State football almost as much as we love traveling.


Meet Sam + Erica

We may be small town born and bred,
but we’re global explorers at heart!


Meet Sam + Erica



 we’ve been around the world…
and back

You’ve found your tour guide!

Welcome to the world of The Manini Experience

A travel company for people who want to go on kick ass trips, do a little good, and have awesome photos of it all!  If you’re looking for some adventure, some travel, and some pretty photos, you’ve come to the right place!

01. Objective

To provide carefully curated, intimate expeditions full of adventure, fun, and general badassery all while photo-documenting it for your social media and photo visual pleasure.

02. Goal

To provide opportunities to give back to the communities through which we will be traveling and it’s our duty to do so in the most ecologically and socially responsible manner.

03. Guarantee

To provide you with a one of a kind trip that nourishes your soul and refuels your desire to experience the world authentically.

The Manini Girls!

Meet Erica

Photographer, Tour Guide, & Finder of Beauty

Meet Sam

Experientialist & Tour Guide

The Manini Story

Anyone who’s had the opportunity to hike the Lanikai Pillboxes in Hawaii would agree that the views are nothing short of inspiring. As we ascended up the mountain excitedly discussing plans of starting a philanthropic travel company, it proved to be just that. The general idea was there, but our name was proving more difficult to grasp. It was then that we came across a beer bottle cap from Kona Brewing Co., which comes with a Hawaiian word and translation inside every one. The word on this particular cap was “Manini,” meaning “little bit.” Those who know us personally are aware of our short stature and would definitely describe us as ‘little bits.’ It felt like fate, and so The Manini Experience was born!

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